Mar 19, 2009

Taking the guess work out of file extensions

Have you ever received an email attachment with an extension you never saw before? Or was unsure how to open? I have, and I recently visited a website that offers help to us "file- extension challenged".

Each entry on the site provides information about
  • the file format,
  • its creator,
  • a description of the file,
  • related applications which make use of that file extension,
  • where it is most likely to find this type of file on your computer,
  • as well as what program or editor to view it in.

For example if you receive a file with the extension .ica you can go to the File Extension Library and find out what the file is and how to open it with your Operating System. You can also learn if it is an image or text file.

Most importantly, you can decide if it is an attachment that you may not want to open at all. Some people are still unaware that if an attachment has an ".exe" extension it most likely isn't a picture your granny sent you of her prize rose garden.

The site also offers a free scan if you're unable to open legitimate files, as it may be a result of registry errors or not having the appropriate application installed. Best of all the scan is free (as is the information)!

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