Mar 20, 2009

If your selling downloads or memberships then you'll want to visit this site!

When I started selling eGuides on the internet I wondered how I could automate the process without having to learn PHP scripting or understand paypal IPN. I wanted an easy solution to my problem of immediate fulfilment.

I first used a paypal approved firm called payloadz to automate the fulfilment of the file download. FEEs FEEs on top of FEEs! Not only was I paying paypal's typical merchant fees I was also now paying payloadz per download I sold. UGH! Being a small business based from my home meant I had to look at more cost effective ways to achieve my goal.

After much searching and comparing I finally found the perfect solution! A company called Vibralogix. I emailed them to find out more and immediately was answered by Adrian who was able not only to answer all my questions but offered to help if I had any problems with the setup (which they provide an excellent guide that shows you step by step) or hosting issues.

For a ONE TIME cost of $29.95 I was able to set up the php script on my host and fulfill all my orders immediately without paying anything extra (other then paypal's fees of course). for $29.95 you are licensed on one web URL and one paypal account. Additional URLS can be added for a very small fee.

Even when 3 years later I had an issue with the script, all I had to do is email Adrian and he immediately provided me with the help to fix it. Even offering to view the host settings to be sure it was working properly. (THANKS ADRIAN).

They have many scripts that are available for many small online business applications including locking directories for memberships as well as for online business using clickbank or other merchants. Check them out! You won't be sorry!

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