Mar 19, 2009

The Importance of a good Website Host.

I was reminded today of the importance of a good host. For the small online business nothing is more important then the relationship you have with your host. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I know the person to email/call for hosting help by name?
  2. Do they respond by email/phone quickly when there is an issue?
  3. Will they offer to help set you up or show you how to utilize some resources?
  4. Did they send you a Christmas card/email/gift to show their appreciation of your business?
  5. Do they call you with any payment issues BEFORE taking you offline?
  6. Do they treat you more as a friend then an account number?
  7. Can you trust them to provide excellent service to referrals?

I can answer YES to all these questions and more with (Thank you Ilya for your continued help and expertize). No I was not paid to post this. I just wanted to spread the news about a great hosting company with the personal touch. They have a lot of accounts that are worth more than mine yet they take the time to help with any issue and always treat you like their #1 client.

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