Mar 22, 2009

Beating the Credit Card Crunch!

Credit cards are a necessary evil. 98% of my orders come from Credit Cards and I have to wonder with today's economy how long can that keep up? Luckily some smart consumers are starting to be wise about the cards they use.

I came across a website that is a credit card comparison site that provides users with news, information, and the most comprehensive list of credit card offers on the web. For example if you're concerned about low interest credit cards you can visit this site and compare the rates of the different available credit card companies to find one that suits you best. Be wise about the card you're using and make the most out of the necessary evil we all have in our wallets. Know what's important to you; rewards, air miles, cash back on purchases or instant approvals.

Not only am I concerned about my customers (98% of which use credit cards to purchase from my store) I am also interested in company credit cards and what will benefit me best. Luckily this site also includes articles such as "Best Credit Card for Small Businesses" to provide me with some important "food for thought" when picking a credit card company for my business.

Let's all be smart and beat the credit crunch so we can all stay in business!

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