Mar 18, 2009

NetworkSolutions new social networking site

Social Networks are popping up all over the place. Network Solutions has now opened a new social network for the developer and design community called "LinkTogether". LinkTogether™ has everything you need to grow and manage your business. Here is a list of the free resources they offer members:
On the site there are tons of white papers ( authoritative reports or guides that often addresses problems and how to solve them) available to members addressing a wide span of information from DIY vs professional designers to increasing website accessibility. It may be worth checking out if you have a small online business and want to utilize free shared resources.


Bonnie said...

Hey there! Thanks for writing about LinkTogether. We hope you find it useful. Of course we'd love any feedback on the site.

Frances said...

Hello Bonnie! Thanks for the comment I'm sure many people will find LinkTogether's resources useful.

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