Sep 17, 2009

youtube channel...another great marketing tool

I've had a video on youtube for 3 years now (Since Sept. 19th 2006) and even I can't believe it took me this long to realize I wasn't using it to it's fullest.

I've blogged before about using youtube for marketing and how important it is to understand youtubes insights, but I never even thought about the importance of the video channel! You know...I kicked myself when I saw how easy it was and realized how long I could have been benefiting from it! How easy?

  • Just go to your account settings and click on "profile setup"
Enter your Website Description, Url and any other info you wish to share on your public channel

  • Go to the "My account" tab and click on "my channel"
Here you can add even more information on your site/product.
On the "Channel Info" tab add a search friendly title, more description of your site or product, and keywords for search. You can click on the "channel design" tab to set colors or background images (or add or remove channel features). Organize the videos you want to show on your public channel and get ready to promote it! I set mine up in a few minutes - - actually, it took me longer to write this blog then it did to set up my youtube channel.


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