Jun 17, 2009

Video Insights

I've noticed a positive development this last week - thanks to youtube insights. What did I noticed? The video, embedded on my website, is slowing going down in the percentage of total views.

Your video viewership from your website is going down? And that's a good thing? Let me explain...

Out of the 100% of my videos viewers only 68% were from people viewing it directly on my site. That means a WHOPPING 32% of views came from people who did not even know my website existed! And never visited (yet).

If you looked at the graph above the 32% breaks down as follows;
  • Google Search 8.0% (youtube insights even reports on the keywords that were used to find your video).
  • External Links 8.0% (this includes sites such as twitter, yahoo, bing, blogs, icq search etc.)
  • youtube and related 12 % total
  • Viral 3.6 % (this is when your video link is shared by email and instant messaging).

From the 32% above more than 20% is from some form of social networking. So yes I think it is a very positive development when my web sites percentage of total views is falling. NOT to be confused with the videos traffic declining.


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