Feb 17, 2009

My dog made $2.05 on the internet!

Ha ha! Sounds good? Well not really. The title of this blog may cause you to think "If her DOG can do it I SURE can!" Well you can...but $2.05 aint gonna do much!

I was explaining previously that I had constructed a site to check out if I could make any money using Google Affiliate Network (GAN). In case you forgot I took the advice of other bloggers and made a site I was passionate about. My dogs! (doxiedogstore.com)

  • The first step was to create a few pages with content that I had personal experience with. I'm not much of a writer, in fact If I'm honest about it I'M TERRIBLE! But I muddled through and did the best I could.

  • The second step was to find ads that went with my content. I would recommend you look at ads first, it can help give you ideas for the content in the first place! I was able to find some, even doxie dog related so it worked out.

  • The third step was to try and get traffic without really doing anything. I'm all about doing nothing for a bit. You do have to sometimes. I added tracking to my google analytics for the pages and waited. People were slowly trickling in! I seem to have been able to get myself ranked in yahoo with content and simple html know-how. And even better, average time spent on the site is 10 mins! Not bad for "waiting to see".

I added google adsense to the pages as well. That's how my dog made $2.05. People came, read my pages and then sometimes click on a google ad. They certainly click on the ads more then they do for the GAN banners. GAN doesn't pay until someone buys something....not just "click" on the ad. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I'll have to add more content of course. But things have been a bit hectic lately. I will do it, after-all if my dog can make $2.05 without really trying to promote herself.....

Feb 15, 2009

Share A Sale

It's been awhile since I posted. It's been a busy month despite the recession.

Previously I wrote about Google Affiliate Network (GAN) as a possible revenue of income. Personally I find it a bust. During my experience I ran into a maddening road block which turned out to point me to a new resource.

After spending time linking products to my site with GAN, creating images and content I received an email from GAN. One of the merchants (one I was linking to) pulled out! SHYTE! I had to go back through the site, find each link to that merchants item and change it (or find a similar merchant with products that went with my content).

That same merchant who pulled out also emailed me. They told me about their success with a different program which they wanted to share with me.

This affiliate program has over 2000 merchants participating (they also have new exciting banners available).

Although their interface isn't as nice as GAN it's worth checking out!

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