Feb 17, 2009

My dog made $2.05 on the internet!

Ha ha! Sounds good? Well not really. The title of this blog may cause you to think "If her DOG can do it I SURE can!" Well you can...but $2.05 aint gonna do much!

I was explaining previously that I had constructed a site to check out if I could make any money using Google Affiliate Network (GAN). In case you forgot I took the advice of other bloggers and made a site I was passionate about. My dogs! (doxiedogstore.com)

  • The first step was to create a few pages with content that I had personal experience with. I'm not much of a writer, in fact If I'm honest about it I'M TERRIBLE! But I muddled through and did the best I could.

  • The second step was to find ads that went with my content. I would recommend you look at ads first, it can help give you ideas for the content in the first place! I was able to find some, even doxie dog related so it worked out.

  • The third step was to try and get traffic without really doing anything. I'm all about doing nothing for a bit. You do have to sometimes. I added tracking to my google analytics for the pages and waited. People were slowly trickling in! I seem to have been able to get myself ranked in yahoo with content and simple html know-how. And even better, average time spent on the site is 10 mins! Not bad for "waiting to see".

I added google adsense to the pages as well. That's how my dog made $2.05. People came, read my pages and then sometimes click on a google ad. They certainly click on the ads more then they do for the GAN banners. GAN doesn't pay until someone buys something....not just "click" on the ad. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I'll have to add more content of course. But things have been a bit hectic lately. I will do it, after-all if my dog can make $2.05 without really trying to promote herself.....

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