Feb 15, 2009

Share A Sale

It's been awhile since I posted. It's been a busy month despite the recession.

Previously I wrote about Google Affiliate Network (GAN) as a possible revenue of income. Personally I find it a bust. During my experience I ran into a maddening road block which turned out to point me to a new resource.

After spending time linking products to my site with GAN, creating images and content I received an email from GAN. One of the merchants (one I was linking to) pulled out! SHYTE! I had to go back through the site, find each link to that merchants item and change it (or find a similar merchant with products that went with my content).

That same merchant who pulled out also emailed me. They told me about their success with a different program which they wanted to share with me.

This affiliate program has over 2000 merchants participating (they also have new exciting banners available).

Although their interface isn't as nice as GAN it's worth checking out!

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