Jan 20, 2009

Google Affiliate Network - Part 2

A few posts back I had talked about signing up for "google affiliates network". I'm not sure how many days ago that was but it feels like a lifetime.

Originally I just put a couple of affiliate ads up on my main website. Random links actually, just put there to see if anyone would scroll down far enough to click on it (lazy).

I decided that wasn't really a good enough test. I promised to let people know if it was worth it and I didn't put the work into it! (shame shame on me)

So - What have I done?

  • I decided that what I needed was a site that I could get ranked in what they call "organic" search results. How? Well I have to have a site that TALKS to people - give information, have some value. That's what they say blogging is all about - and this age of social networking.
  • I also decided I needed to target the affiliate ads I put on the site. So the site has a general "theme" and the ads are related to that theme.
  • I wanted to target something I knew about - or was passionate about because unless I wanted to pay a ghost writer then I was on my own.
  • I wanted to target a "theme" that had advertisers (in the google network) and that were products I found useful or have myself (or was offered at an amazing price)
  • I need a new domain name in case I wanted to promote it other then in search engines organic results
  • I had to create some basic content to get started - but I know it takes time so I have to keep adding new content that is useful.
Nothing I talk about is anything new. People have been saying it forever but I decided I had to play my own "Myth-Buster".

So I promise to put in the actual work, add Google Analytics so I could share the results and see what happens.

By the way the site is doxiedogstore.com a simple simple html site (one anyone with basic html knowledge can do). I hear blogs work just as well if not better. I went with html so I could use one main website for my google affiliate account (You have to be approved by domain name - so I am "pointing" this new domain to a folder of my main site). If you're looking for a free blog for your website try wordpress.com or wordpress.org

OR OF COURSE Blogger.com

As always... I'll let you know what I learn or if I rank this Myth BUSTED!

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