Jan 3, 2009

Using Youtube for your website

Youtube can be a great resource for your website. I'm not talking about google's "YouTube for adsense", although that may be an option if you do not have your own video.

Youtube gives me the chance to embed my video on my website to show my customers how to use the product they purchased. It also allows me to show customers how easy the product is to use and helps convince them to make the purchase.

When making my video I decided to put myself in my customers shoes and asked the questions I thought they may have.

1. What does the product look like when it is on.
2. How easy is it to use
3. How long will it take to put on
4. Can I do it myself
5. Will it be noticeable

Youtube also offers some great insights

  • how many times your video was watched,
  • which countries are viewing your video most,
  • where people are viewing the video (i.e search engines, external links, embedded on websites or virual shared links),
  • Who is viewing your video (age, sex),
  • HOT SPOTS of your video (the area people leave, or if they rewind to re-watch a certain part ect).

All great information when you're looking to make improvements or test different videos.

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