Dec 29, 2008

Ways I have earned $$ Online...2.Online Store

The number one way I earn a living online is through my online store. I carry my own inventory, have my own manufacturers I use - 100 % Made in America (sold by a mere Canadian)! I ship my products, do my own customer service (it's the personal touches), and handle my own budgeting.

Yep! The good ol' Old fashion way!

Truth be told, no matter how many of the online ideas that I try - they NEVER come even close to the sales I make through my own store. Maybe it's the commitment I have to it that makes it work so well or some good Karma I passed out coming back to me...whatever it is, YOU can do it to.

I found my product really by mistake. I wasn't looking for something to sell online. At the time I was busy being a webmaster for a few local companies, entering into partnerships around downloadable products (this is before Ebooks was big) , doing database management, Ebay-ing ...and so on. ( a real hodge podge of things!)

And then I came across a product I needed (and it wasn't easy to find at the time) which I thought others would find useful as well. I looked to see if and who was selling it online, and I bought just a few samples from a manufacturer... test items :)

*note : yes this image is my own copy right! ( And believe me it matters, I do regular crawls for sites using my image work as you read in a previous post )

They sold, slowly...but enough to make me buy more as inventory and see what happened. It took 2 years, but it finally paid off! I learned everything I could, got as creative as I could with Images,Videos, meta tags, headers, keyword use, linking etc. Making my site rank very high in search engines for content.

My Husband quit his job almost 3 years ago ( I quit mine back about 10 yrs now ) and now we both work from home tending to our online orders. It's just 1 of the ways we make money online, because we are true believers in learning and earning more, but it has turned out to be the best.

Find your own unique item that you believe in. It WILL take time, but if you commit to it and work hard on it, it WILL pay-off. There is nothing special about us. We're just people who use to work for other people and got tired of it. Aren't you tired of it yet?

  1. Learn HTML
  2. Pick a 3rd Person Merchant
  3. Find a product
  4. Open your store to test the product
  5. Promote your site through content or search engine marketing
  6. Decide if it sells or try something new
  7. If it sells, work HARD HARD HARD! ( at least a 1% roi)

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Sonia Carreno said...

You both still rock...

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