Dec 13, 2008

Google trends tied to television~

I found this interesting.

I was watching tv tonight “smarter then a 5th grade” funny show, I watch it from time to time. And one of the questions was asking which word “varoom” or “race car” was considered a palindrome. Interesting enough question. Getting the answer correct depends on if he knows the definition of the word or not.

Not an hour later as I was surfing the net I can across a neat little igoogle gadget. It was google trends. I had added it to my igoogle home page. Guess what the #1 hottest search term was in the last 3 hours!!! Palindrome! In fact 3 of the top 10 searched terms were directly related to “Smarter then a 5th Grader” show tonight.

Hows that for interactive television!

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