Dec 24, 2008

Starting an online business.

A few of my friends have been asking how I started my online business and can I help them do the same. I'm sure with today's economical times a lot of people would ask the same question. HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY ONLINE?

Well, I have been online trying to figure out the same thing since the 1990's. It took time (actually it took a full 2 years for me to earn enough to pay my bills) but I stumbled into a way that I could earn a good living, although there are many. I'm sure if you recognize your strengths you can do the same. Today both my husband and I work from home making money online, and we know it can be done but it takes time and energy.

  1. I'm not going to try to sell you anything (although I do use adsense so feel free to click any ad that may interest you ha ha).
  2. I'm not going to ask you to join anything (unless you want to follow me on twitter).
  3. I don't even want your names or emails! I'd love it if you left a comment, I'd enjoy knowing someone is actually reading what I write.

I've done a few things on the internet since the 1990's and I'll tell you about all of them. If you want to hear about them. Maybe you'll learn something. Maybe you'll share something back. (That would be great!)

  • The first thing you need to learn when thinking about the internet for your business is some basic html. There are some other fancy internet languages such as asp, php, xhtml yadda yadda and so on...but if you learn basic html then you can work your way through almost anything!

Back in the 1990's I found this site (hasn't really changed much actually)
If you scroll down you'll find a section for TECHNOLOGY. There you can find the beginners interactive html guide. If you do check it out, click on one of his ads, it really is a great free resource to those who want to learn the basics.

Take some time, learn html. That's the first thing I did and I'm so glad. If you know basic html then you can have total control over your business. You'll have an understanding of what's important and what is kind of a waste when you look towards traffic sources. You'll be able to make important changes to your site yourself and you'll be able to constantly evolve towards success.

Even if you only plan on selling using amazon astores, html can help you to promote it yourself and optimize your chances for being high on the search engine results page.

Unless you have $$$'s to put into google's adword campaigns - which even so only amounts to 40% of my traffic.

Don't worry if that all just went right over your head. I'll be explaining it later. I'll try to share all I know. I've tried a lot of things ha!

That's it for now. I'll be back later :)

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