Dec 17, 2008

Google Trends still boogles my mind...

I made a fast post a few days back about how "google tends" application was tied to "Are you smarter then a 5th grader". I added the application to my igoogle page so every day I see the top 100 search trends for that day.

I must admit, the top 100 searched terms really made no sense to me. Why in the world would all of a sudden there be a high peak to a certain searched term? Really? All of a sudden a million or so folks ALL think at once "let's find out more about burger king cologne.." ( I SWEAR this was #40 on todays google trends list )

As I was sitting here on my laptop while watching the news (multi-tasker) I started to see a trend myself. What was on news, was on the list! #29 face transplant. One of tonights story on the news...about face transplants.

I'm sure the reason is TV. What is on TV is searched about on the net...and tv was worried the internet was taking over. Actors strike due to worry the internet will ruin their royalties. Really I'm starting to think not! The internet wouldn't be as popular if there wasn't TV telling us what there is to learn more about.

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