Feb 11, 2010

Edit a contact in Joomla

If you want to edit your contact form on your joomla CMS it's easy!

  • Log into your Joomla CMS admin page
  • Mouse over "Components"
  • Scroll down the drop down menu to contacts
  • Scroll over to "contacts"

The next window will show you a list of your present contacts
  • Click on the contact you wish to edit (to add a new contact click on "new" on top right)

Edit the information and details!
  • If you wish to add a second address to one contact or add additional information you can add it to the "Miscellaneous Information:" on the very bottom of the contact page.

Feb 9, 2010

Adding images to Joomla Articles

Easy steps for adding images to your Joomla CMS. Click on any images to see them larger.

  • log into admin
  • choose media manager as seen below

  • At the bottom of the media manager window you'll see an empty box followed by a "browse" button, followed by a "start upload" button.
  • click on "browse" and find the image file you wish to upload, then click on "start upload".
  • You should see your image in the thumbnails (the small pics) as in the image below.
  • Go to the control panel to add a new article (or edit a previous one).
  • In the article box you should see a "tree" image - this is what you click on to "add an image"

  • An image box will pop open and you type in the full URL (http://www.yoursite.com/images/filename.extention) of the image for example see below image.
  • After you add the image URL, you can add a description and title (good for search engines) you should see a snap shot of the image in the box if done correctly.

  • Next you can click on the Appearance tab of the same pop up box
  • You can decide the position of the image in the text of the article (center, right or left side)
  • You can set 10 vertical and horizontal space around the image
  • You can make a border around the image (a black box).
  • BE SURE to click on insert after your done!

  • Your image should now show in the article box!

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