Feb 9, 2010

Adding images to Joomla Articles

Easy steps for adding images to your Joomla CMS. Click on any images to see them larger.

  • log into admin
  • choose media manager as seen below

  • At the bottom of the media manager window you'll see an empty box followed by a "browse" button, followed by a "start upload" button.
  • click on "browse" and find the image file you wish to upload, then click on "start upload".
  • You should see your image in the thumbnails (the small pics) as in the image below.
  • Go to the control panel to add a new article (or edit a previous one).
  • In the article box you should see a "tree" image - this is what you click on to "add an image"

  • An image box will pop open and you type in the full URL (http://www.yoursite.com/images/filename.extention) of the image for example see below image.
  • After you add the image URL, you can add a description and title (good for search engines) you should see a snap shot of the image in the box if done correctly.

  • Next you can click on the Appearance tab of the same pop up box
  • You can decide the position of the image in the text of the article (center, right or left side)
  • You can set 10 vertical and horizontal space around the image
  • You can make a border around the image (a black box).
  • BE SURE to click on insert after your done!

  • Your image should now show in the article box!

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