Oct 8, 2009

I am NOT Facebook...I swear!

Like most people these days I have a facebook page. I had a strange thing happen recently and I thought it may happen to someone else, so I'm sharing.

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Over a course of a month I received a whole lot of phone calls (and posts on the discussion) from people who had issues with FaceBook. At first, I admit - it was kind of funny. People were calling and contacting me asking to grant them access to their accounts, complaining about being harassed, asking to block users (and some of the stories made me bust a gut). However, it wasn't so funny after a month so I had to investigate further.

I started really questioning people where they found our contact information. How were they "searching" for it. What search engine, what links? I took some creative questioning but I found out some interesting things and finally solved my problem!!

People were going to Yahoo Answers and searching "Facebook Contact Information". The returned search was to:

FaceBook | Contact Information

What this means is the "answer" Yahoo gave was on FaceBook - which happened to have a page titled "Contact Information" within one of it's page profiles (my profile).

People did not read the information in that Thread or they just scanned it for a phone number. The thread clearly states what company the page promotes, and when they call our answering box states our company name. Still....the messages came, and came.

I deleted the whole thread and made a new threat titled "Viewithere.com Contact". Problem solved! Now yahoo answers will find the page:

FaceBook | ViewitHere.com Contact

Not a single FB related call since. There are some interesting people on Facebook - I think I know why they do not make their contact information available. *L*


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