Jan 12, 2009

Google Affiliate Network

I'm sure you all know about google adsense. For those of you who don't know you can find out more at this LINK

Basically Adsense allows you to place google ads on your website's pages in order to earn money depending on the clicks they get. Some people seem to do well with them. I don't. I had ads up for the last month and earned all of $4. Yippy~

Then I found out about Google Affilate Network. You have to apply, and have your own website and agree to certain terms (such as not bidding on companies keywords) but once you are approved you have a large list of affiliates to join.

The network provides you with banners (or text links) which earns you a % if people purchase any items at the links store. It also inserts cookies so it can track your "click" sometimes upto 90 days. So if 45 days later, a person makes a purchase I can still earn a commission. Some commissions for affiliates are upto 25% (a heck of alot more then amazons offering of all of 4%)

They have a great selection of banners (see example above) for each advertiser. They also have a pretty nice reporting section. It shows the number of impressions the ad displayed, the number of times the ad was clicked...as well as, of course, the sales you make. They pay out by check (or transfers to US bank accounts).

I just added it myself this weekend. No sales yet but a few click throughs so who knows, maybe in 24 days :P

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