Mar 20, 2009

Saturday the NEW Sunday...huh?

If you sell a tangible item online that needs to be shipped then you most likely will join me in changing "The day of Rest" to Saturday.

YES it is true - no more is Sunday considered the day to rest and the day to enjoy your family (or worship your God).

Not if your life revolves around days the post runs. Why? you ask, the post does not run on Sunday? No - but our little shops are running full force prepping orders to go out in Mondays mail. Monday through Friday orders are processed. Saturdays are for rest but on Sunday you play catch up. Such is the life of selling Online. Are you sure you want to do it?

You bring your work every where you go. I recall sitting on a beach in Florida, a big book on my lap, actually MANUALLY hand writing a newsletter I had due for a client the next day. Papers flapping in the ocean breeze, sand stuck to the nib of my pen and a nice square of pale flesh on my lap an hour later (of course the rest of me burnt to a crisp).

Anyways I declare Saturday the day of rest! Take it a lesson from my dogs and just laze about in the sun.

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