Mar 23, 2009

Looking for all Bloggers who lost weight!

I was reading my previous post about the power of networking and how It can be used for a product like my ring size adjusters. I realized I had not tapped into one of my own recommendations of paying bloggers (or providing a free item) to review your product. hmmmmm silly of me.

What do I know about one of my target groups?

  • Have recently lost weight and find their rings are now too loose
  • They are afraid to size the ring at a jewelry store...just in case (I can say that because I know what it's like)
  • Water retention during the month can cause fingers to swell making rings loose at other times of the month.
  • Some clients have arthritis making rings just "fitting" over knuckles but spin on the finger.

I know this because I have read each customer email and some customers open their lives to you. Especially when they have achieved a goal that they are proud of! I'm glad they email me and let me know how the product has helped them.

Now I'm interested in having people review our Ring Guard product on their blogs. If you're interested pop me an email at or tweet me @

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