Apr 2, 2009

Looking for Your Feedback

Hello! Hello!

Thanks for answering my call for feedback :)

I have just completed the design for our new site at ring-size-adjuster.com. If you're not familiar with our previous Ring Guard site please take a look here.

This new site will not replace our old one, rather compliment it :)

  • Our first site has been live for over 10 years now - and any SEO specialist worth a grain will tell you the longer a domain has been around - the better the engines like it.

  • We have been very fortunate to have high rankings in all our best converting keywords organically (natural search results). We have had over 20,000 customers, many who are repeat business, who are familiar with our "Old Face" so we wont be giving it any "face lift" soon.

Our new sites purpose

  • Test different revenue streams.
  • Measure what markets convert best.
  • Capitalize on our paid advertisement campaigns.
  • Provide new customers with an up-to-date experience when shopping at our site.
  • Give us a better format to update and add new pages.
  • Learn more about the conversion rates between natural search results and PPC campaigns.

What feedback am I looking for?

  1. Is the site easy to navigate?
  2. Is there plenty of information provided to help you make a purchase decision?
  3. Are the images helpful?
  4. What is the site missing?
  5. What Improvements would you recommend?
  6. Do you think a new design will increase sales?

Thanks for any help!

and yes I decided to use OpenSource

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It definitely looks better. I'd be interested in what you find out re: conversion rates

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