May 21, 2009

The Positive of Negative Keywords

Nothing feels worse then paying for traffic...except paying for traffic that you don't want!

Google recently upgraded their AdWords interface and thanks to a recent tweet @jordanlebaron,
" - Just figured out I can see raw queries in the new #adwords interface: Campaigns > Keywords > "See search term..."
I was impressed with the importance of this new feature. "Raw queries" are what a searcher actually typed into the search engine which resulted in triggering an ad for one of your keyword bids. Phew, long sentence.

Not only is it interesting (and gives you ideas of content to add to a site) it is important in locating "Negative keywords". Negative keywords can be set for your ad group. They are keywords or phrases that you do not want your ad triggered in the search results. I assure you I have no nipple ring pictures on my site, nor am I really all that interested in my ad showing in the search results. I don't consider it "targeted traffic" and I don't want to pay for it :P

You try to save money where you can! Every little bit counts. If you want even more details then what googles raw queries tell you I found this great post on
What they recommend is to employ what they call the “Google Analytics Raw Query Hack”. It is easy, non-technical and completely free! Check out their site for more info on how.


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